We will follow the direction of the CDC and Minnesota Dept of Health in preparing and executing our 2020 event


Sunday, October 25

Location: Ames Center, Burnsville: https://www.ames-center.com/


This venue has hosted several competitive dance events since CoVid restrictions have been in place, and they offer a safe environment for both fans and competitors. Dancers will be asked to wear a mask (and will be provided a mask upon check-in) until just before they take the stage. They will also have a temperature check upon arrival (must be below 100) and be asked if they've tested positive for or been directly exposed to Covid in last 14 days. All spectators and staff will be required to wear a mask indoors at all times and should not attend if they present any CoVid symptoms, have tested positive in last 14 days or have had direct exposure to someone with the virus and have not yet been tested. 


Due to limited capacity allowed in the venue, we will break the day up into 6 sessions.  Groups of 20-25 dancers will come at a time with their teammates and fans. Dancers will compete in same sessions as other dancers from their school where applicable. We will rotate the groups in and out of the theater before and after each session.  There will be a small break between each session where all dressing areas, rehearsal spaces, and the theater will be fogged and sanitized before the next session begins. 

The venue holds just over 1,000 spectators. We are allowed a maximum of 250 people in the theater at any given time. We will have 200 spectators in per session, to allow extra numbers for MDT and Ames Staff as well as judges, videographers, and contestants. 



CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE (no tickets will be sold at the door) 

Schedule of the Day

8:00 - Check in for Session One Contestants

8:45 - Doors open for Session One Spectators

9:00 - SESSION 1  

9:30 - Check in for Sessions Two dancers

10:35 - Doors open for Session Two Spectators

10:50 - SESSION 2  

11:15 - Check in for Sessions Three dancers

12:25 - Doors open for Session Three Spectators

12:40 - SESSION 3  

1:30 - Check in for Sessions Four dancers

2:15 - Doors open for Session Four Spectators

2:30 - SESSION 4  

3:15 - Check in for Sessions Five dancers

4:05 - Doors open for Session Five Spectators

4:20 - SESSION 5  

5:00 - Check in for Sessions Six dancers

5:55 - Doors open for Session Six Spectators

6:10 - SESSION 6  


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